Articles on the future of Waterways History

I wrote for the Journal of the Railway and Canal Historical Society from the 1980s onwards. In the late 1990s, I was involved in the formation of the Waterways History Research Group. Later contributions asked what sort of research possibilities might lie in the future.

Those that I am uploading include two linked early Occasional Papers to the WHRG. Links to the original are below:

Oct 1998:OPs 4 and 5 1998

I am working on minor updates to these, as they now read somewhat out of date.

There follow two draft contributions to the Journal, based on a conference paper from 2013, and a shorter contribution to the Waterways History Research Group from July 2012. I am uploading these in the hope that these might inspire discussion. There is an error in the WHRG paper (trivial, but true!) and the Journal pieces are late drafts, which differ slightly from those finally published.

July 2012: WHRG Occasional Paper: What navigable waterways should be researched?: WHRG OP 91

July 2015: Journal Paper. Future of Waterways History. Future of waterways history – Oct 2014 pdf

November 2015: Journal Paper. Some Future Directions for Waterways History:

June 2017: WHRG Paper, partly in answer to an unpleasant and counter-productive attack on my July 2015 paper.

July 2017: Paper on possible gaps in the writing of full-scale books on individual waterways histories. Not published elsewhere: