Verse and Worse!

You have been warned!

Ambient Love (2008)

I lie next to your warmth
One arm placed over you
In a silent, gentle communion.
And in those moments
The clock barely ticks
Time’s escalator runs slow
And this could be eternity
Or at least a glimpse.

Religion and Certainty (2010)

Religion engenders respect and awe.
Respect for the lives of others.
Awe at the mysteries of our universe.
Awe with simple certainty.

Religion provides consolation and comfort.
Consolation, when disasters strike.
Comfort from others and a benevolent God.
The comfort of certainty.

Religion evokes power and control.
Power to influence ideas and lives.
Control over others, their thoughts and souls.
The certainty of control.

Religion offers many faces.
Answers to existential loneliness,
Warm embrace, caring and belonging,
Granite certainty, obedience or damnation.

Archives and Memories (2011)

It is all in the papers
Shut away in tattered files
Fading ink on copy paper
Fastened with rusting clips
Tied with pink linen tape
Their creators forgotten
But holding evidence
From which history emerges

Historians rely on archives
Constructing plausible narratives
Words scrawled on paper
Disinterred from the dust
Like quarry waste pulverized
Into coherent shapes
Stories of what happened
And perhaps what it meant

I keep my own archives
Letters, cards and old emails
Photographs partly captioned
Mounted on yellowing paper
Diaries with scattered entries
“Went for meal with M”
Prompting and propping memory
From which remembrance emerges

I recall events and feelings
As if yesterday was now
I know I call back feelings
And maybe I recall events
Prompted by archives
Or just recollected records?
Do I remember the photograph
More than the people it depicts?

My narratives use archives
Draw together scattered threads
Regenerate old meanings
But much has been lost
Despite these reconstructions
Stories remain merely tales
And meanings out of reach
Or fixed in false certainties


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