On waterways history writing – a heretic’s guide!

On waterways history writing – thoughts of a heretic</strong


I have a background in waterways history, in which I have been interested, on and off, for 50 years. I used to supervise undergraduate and graduate dissertations, and became concerned about the kind of guidance provided – sometimes very useful, sometimes misleading for someone embarking, with or without supervision, on the history of inland waterways. I therefore beagn in 2013 to produce what I have called "thoughts of a heretic", for the (Ellesmere Port) Boat Museum Society's journal Re:Port. As these are heretical thoughts, they can be ignored or discounted, but they may prove helpful to someone. I am developing this series and will post further contributions after they are published in Re:Port, so do please return!

Contents to date:
Part 1 – Looking for Inspiration
Part 2 – Searching Literature
Part 3 – Reviewing Literature
Part 4 – Sources: Books in general
Part 5 – Sources: The Canals of the British Isles series
Part 6 – to come
Part 7 – to come
Part 8 – to come
Part 9 – to come


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